Sales Rep Program

This program is for an independent sales representative to represent our Jewelry and Beads & Findings line. Below is complete detail for this program.

  1. For all the sales make my sales rep he or she will get a flat rate commission, commission rate will change according to discount offer to customer, complete detail for that is as follows:


Sales Rep Commission Rate                                  Customer Discount
           40%                                                                         0%
           30%                                                                         10%
           20%                                                                         20%
           15%                                                                         30%
           10%                                                                         40%
  1. Sales Commission payment will be made after 2 weeks from the date when sales was made as customer have 2 weeks no questions ask return policy and customer can return any item they don’t want and sales commission will be adjusted according to any return.
  2. Sales commission is only paid on sales made by sales reps personally. Any other sales like via website, phone call or any other way where sales rep is not personally connected, those sales will not include in any kind of sale commission.
  3. All the sales made by sales reps the payment method is credit card and PayPal only. Which means sales reps has to get credit card information or payment on PayPal along with order in order to process and ship any order. No other form of payment is accepted.
  4. All the commission paid by Bali Designs Inc is a flat payment and Bali Designs Inc will not pay any taxes on them such as income or payroll tax. This point is for USA sales reps only.
  5. At the year end sales rep will get for 1099 which he has to fill and submit back to Bali Designs Inc. This point is for USA sales reps only.
  6. While selling for Bali Design Inc. we will not responsible for any of below issue and Sales rep will be completely responsible:
  7. Any traffic ticket.
  8. Any accident and car damage.
  9. Any personal injury while driving.
  10. For making sales Bali Designs Inc will provide below items which will help in selling and sales rep don’t have to pay anything for them:
  11. Our website and mobile app, sales reps has to use only this method for taking any orders for Bali Designs Inc. The link to our website is once sales rep join Bali Designs Inc he will be provided his personal ID Code which will be used in checkout process which will connect order to respective sales rep and commission will be calculated on those orders. Our website is mobile and iPad friendly so taking order on those devices is very easy.
  12. Any offline order taken on a paper order form has to be later submitted on our website for further processing.
  13. Our online PDF catalog which can be printed and download by sales person at his own cost. This is a great tool to show customers all our items. Below is the link for our catalog to see, download and print:
          Beads & Findings Catalog:
          Jewelry Catalog:
  1. Actual samples are also available to lease from Bali Designs Inc. sales rep can select any in stock items to keep and show to customer for taking order and he has to pay 50% of sales value for those sample which he can return anytime he want and he will get his money refunded. So the money paid for samples is like a safety deposit and will be refunded upon return of samples. When returning the samples they have to be in there original condition any damaged items will not be accepted as they are sales rep responsibility to keep them with care.
  2. Any competing and non-competing lines are ok. Sales rep is completely free to carry any other line regardless it compete or not with our line.